Frequently asked questions

  • Create an account
  • Invest in any farm that is open to investment (We accept online payment using mastercard,visa,verve or bank transfer)
  • Investments are added to investor's dashboard with updates on the farms invested in.
  • Regular emails showing current farms status and farm updates are sent to investors based on their investment
  • Investors recieves their investment plus profit on returns at the end of the farming cycle/timeline which is listed on Farms ROI page
Investing in a farm is an effortless process. On the farmslisting page you will see farms that are open to investment. Open farm details then click on invest now. Only registered and logged in accounts can invest.
We have integrated a secure online payment system for your convenience,we accepts card payments from mastercard,visa and verve. We also accept direct bank account payments,however not all banks are available for this option.
The process of investment is carried our online on the website and Investment opportunity is open to both individuals and corporate organizations, Nigerians living in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, as well as non-Nigerians. It doesn’t matter if you are in a paid employment, or self-employed; as long as you are passionate about the agricultural sector or have some investible funds, you are highly eligible!
Our farm projects have a fixed ROI and the minimum investment required is shown on the Farms ROI page. You can invest as much as you are able to in the selected farm project. You can invest in one or more farm units, whether for the same farm, or a combination of farms. You can calculate your possible net returns using the ROI calcluator on the farm details page.
Each farm has a timeline/cycle, all payments are made to investors when the farming cycle is complete. Investors can easily track farm progress and updates on their dashboard. There is an overview on farms and their timeline on Farms ROI page.
How much you make depends on *The Farm's ROI and amount invested. The investor gets back his/her investment plus an ROI commensurate to the farm project he/she invested in. You can use our ROI calculator to see clear picture of what you will get from an investment.
All farm projects come with a minimum investment threshold as clearly stated on the Farms ROI page.
There is no limit to this,you can use the ROI calculate to see what your net profit will be based on the amount you want to invest. The more you invest the more ROI you get.
We are poised to ensuring the maximization of profit that guarantee a return on investment using a tripartite growth model. Using the best farming technological practices to ensuring food security in Nigeria. Our project is driven by team of experts with several years of combined experience in Agricultural Business, the team also brings to bare the best experience and expertise to our to making sure all projects are completed with all investors getting their net profit paid.
Registered email account can only be changed on request. We do this to help protect and secure all investor accounts. You can make a request for change of email here
On the investor dashboard click track farms, all farms invested in will be listed, clicking view details shows farm updates,farm status and timeline gone in the farming cycle.
  • Yes. Every single update that a farm gets, an email is sent out to all investors who have cofunded the farm.
  • Farm updates begin once farming/cultivation starts and the updates will be coming in once or twice in a week depending on the farming duration.
  • Chubiagro was set up by highly experienced hands in the agric sector,backed with solid brains in the technology and ecommerce ecosystem.
  • A feaseability study is carried out before any project begins and we make sure best practices are folowed to the later.
  • However we cannot rule out the unforseen. Incase of a bad outcome or reduced production at the end of the farming cycle,investors are open to getting their initail investment back but not with their expected returns on investment(ROI).
  • Please Contact support via [email protected] to know why your account was suspended
  • If we notice irregular and fraudulent activies on any account,the user will be suspended on the platform.
  • If found to be a threat to other investors or the platform,such account will be removed permanenty
  • Farmer takes 40%
  • Investors take 40%
  • ChubiAgro takes 20%
We are currently working on it, once it is ready, all investors will be notified.
We do not want a malicious user changing your password,you can use the password reset link to change your password.
  • This is our two step verification for accepting and approving request for change of email.
  • Please note,if you forget your account recovery question and answer,you can contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • We have provided this option for convenience. Investors can communicate quickly to us about challenges and feedbacks using the ticket system on their dashboard.
All farm projects pass through three layers of insurance
  • Cross guarantee: Farmers cooperative guarantees the farmer and the farm, all details gets verified and insured
  • Physical presence insurance: we make sure our agents are on ground throughout the farming duration
  • Financial insurance: all farms are under the Royal Exchange Group PLC
There are so many channels to reach us and we would love to talk with you
  • Start talking to us using the ticket system
  • An agent is online to reply you on our livechat support widget, you can find it at the bottom right corner of every page on the platform
  • Forward your emails to
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • Call support on
  • We also have the contact form availaible too